WOW helps women move towards fulfilling employment. We work with women who face barriers to work. Many are lone parent mums, live with health problems, are struggling on low incomes, or lack qualifications or work experience.

We provide a safe and motivating environment. Each of our clients works with a personal coach to set goals and develop a tailored action plan. We then help each client access the services, training and supports they need to achieve their goals, and to develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and experience they need to succeed.

Please note that training events and resources are only available to registered WOW clients.

New clients

If you need help to overcome barriers that are stopping you from getting work, support while you’re looking for a job, or want to explore options for further education or training, our coaches are here to help. To find out more about how to apply to become a WOW client, please visit our New clients page.


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