Dirt n Worms Frozen Custard Concrete for Halloween

Halloween used to be one of my favorite holidays of the year and, it probably still is to some extent, I only wish I lived in a state where fall actually is a season!

vintage halloween owl

I love making fun food and watching Arsenic and Old Lace every year, but I must confess that I am not – whatsoever – into zombies, vampires and the like. I like to think of Halloween more as a fun fall holiday filled with pumpkins, cute costumes, hayrides, etc. instead of people walking around trying their very best to look worse than dead, but that’s me and some people do like that sort of thing!

You may not see any desserts around here with fake blood oozing out, but I don’t mind making some spooky treats, so to get started on the Halloween festivities let’s start off with one that is more of a fun idea than anything else: Dirt N Worms Concrete which is somewhat of a copycat of one of my favorite concretes from Sheridan’s Frozen Custard (which unfortunately no longer exists in my area) .

Sheridan’s could make a mean concrete and I am devastated that I can’t get my hands (or mouth, as the case may be) on one anymore!! :'(


This concrete isn’t really Halloween specific, but it certainly can be with the Oreos and gummy worms it consists of!

The original concrete from Sheridan’s is called Courtney’s Dirt N Worms and is so delicious – who knew that just plain vanilla custard with Oreos could taste so good? (not to mention the chocolate sprinkles and worms on top…)

If you don’t feel like dealing with frozen custard and don’t mind serving a soft serve ice cream instead, I would use this recipe I posted back in the summer (omitting the cocoa powder) and freeze it only until it reaches soft serve consistency – I think that would be equally (if not better, who knows!) good.

The lowdown: a concrete consisting of vanilla frozen custard and Oreos, topped with chocolate sprinkles and gummy worms – a great treat for Halloween (especially if you live in warmer climates! ;), made to mimic Courtney’s Dirt N Worms from Sheridan’s.

Cottura felice!

(Sheridan's copycat) Dirt N Worms Concrete
  • 1 pint half & half
  • 3 egg yolks room temperature
  • 1/3 cup + 1 T powdered sugar
  • 1 C. crushed chocolate sandwich cookies such as Oreos
  1. In am medium-large bowl, whisk sugar and yolks until pale and fluffy. Warm the half n half to just under scalding. Gently stream the milk into the yolks while whisking to prevent the eggs from scrambling. Return the mixture into a clean bowl (or saucepan) and place on very low heat. Continue whisking and heating the mixture until it thickens into custard. To test, dip a wooden spoon or spatula into it and draw a line back. If the line stays and does not run through, the custard is ready.
  2. Place a cling wrap directly on the surface of the custard to prevent forming a skin and cool to room temperature. Cover and place in the freezer for an hour. After an hour when the sides have started firming up and the center is still fluid, whip the mixture using a hand mixer to add air into it and build volume. Repeat this process twice more after every hour or so. After whipping the custard for the final time, add in crushed cookies and stir with a spatula to combine.
  3. Freeze for 3-4 hours to set. Before serving, top with chocolate sprinkles and gummy worms, if desired.
October 21, 2014



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    October 20, 2014
    I'm the same too...not a fan of Halloween per se but love the fall themed sweets!!
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      October 20, 2014
      For sure! :)


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