Hello! + An Update

Hello there! Who can believe August has already made its yearly appearance and what’s more, is halfway over?? Not this girl!


I think this quote pretty much sums up my feelings!

How has your summer been going? Are you ready for cooler temperatures, or are you trying to hang on to the warm weather as long as possible? I have to confess that after a summer of brutal heat, I am more than ready to kiss the season goodbye!

OK, I know it has been an unacceptably long time since I’ve posted anything – life has been keeping things busy and then to top it off, a thing known as blogger burnout seemed to come from nowhere and hit me with a vengeance…which actually brings me to why I am posting today:

Four years ago, I discovered a love for baking. And because of the amount of baking going on, my family suggested I start a blog; I took the suggestions and started Sempre Dolce. I was and still am a person with a great passion for baking and experimenting with various recipes, and Sempre Dolce was a great way for me to unleash this passion – as well as an opportunity to share yummy recipes with you, my readers and fellow foodies. For a while, I shared recipes from other sources (always with due credit, of course :) and usually with only minor adaptations. Over the years, however, the more I baked the more I became comfortable with making bigger, better adaptations and sometimes even managing to create something on my own. Those recipes are by far some of my absolute favorites; they are the ones that I took from imagination to reality, and something about that feels so gratifying. Yet, sometimes no matter how great an affinity we may have for something, there comes a season where for whatever reason, we no longer feel any inspiration or connection to that something, in my case this blog.

Chocolate Sprinkle Donuts | Sempre Dolce

As previously mentioned, due to a bit of blogger burnout right now I can’t seem to muster up any interest or energy for anything remotely blog related. And don’t even mention social media…! I have been taking an extended break and as I continue to do so, will probably be off the blogosphere for the rest of 2018 (which there isn’t much left of, sadly). In the meantime, I have actually been considering a more personal, non-food-related blog – one where I am truly doing it for fun and not having to worry about SEO, stats, social media and all its algorithms, etc. etc. But we shall see. :)

To wrap things up, I just want to say thank you SO much for your readership and interest in my small space on the web – I hope you will still wander over occasionally during my absence and try a recipe or two. Also, if you have any questions or comments, I can still be reached via email or through the comments, so feel free to get in touch!

Wishing you all a great rest of summer!

Cottura Felice!!



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