Lemon Shortbread Sandwich Cookies…

…Which could also just be called lemon Oreos for short though they taste nothing like them! (Oreos, in general, that is – I’ve never tried a lemon one)


 Hio! The excitement of sharing this recipe has been building up and I am about ready to scream – don’t worry, I won’t. That is, if you make me a promise first. You must promise that unless you really loathe lemon (however, if you did I don’t think you would be reading this…) you will make these asap. Do you promise?

Alright then, I’ll continue. 


As just stated, I am super excited about this recipe. Why? Because I think it may be my favorite thing to post on here to date. #Seriously. 

With the light flavor these cookies offer it’s like all of spring packed into one cookie; they’re perfect.



 For the shortbread, I just slightly spruced up the original recipe (sorry, great grandpa Taylor!) by tossing in some lemon zest. This wasn’t originally in my plan as I was going to leave the shortbread plain so that the lemon flavor in the filling would shine with no distraction. But then I began to ponder which led to the consulting of my sister. The results were in: add lemon zest to the shortbread to bring out the flavor in the filling. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Great choice -thanks, Shel


Then came the filling. When the idea first started, I was going to make a filling similar to that which is found in Oreos. However, I decided to make a marshmallow filling – I’ve piqued your interest, haven’t I? – which is sometimes used in whoopie pies but with lemon, of course. The result? Amazing. 

Now you could just stop right there if you wanted to but why not go on and finish with some white chocolate? As you can see in the picture of the finished product, my cookies were a little too big and thick (they were kind of ”thickish” overall) for this. So if you would like to do some chocolate dipping I would recommend using a smaller cookie cutter – maybe 1″ round or so?

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Okay, I don’t want to hear any excuses. None whatsoever. GO. MAKE. THESE. R.I.G.H.T. N.O.W. They are surprisingly not very time consuming, so now you really have no excuses! Bwahaha…


Also, might I suggest ladies, that these would be the perfect treat for parties, teas, showers, etc? Heck, Mothers Day is right around the corner… 

Cottura felice!! 


 The lowdown: These Lemon Shortbread Sandwich Cookies that say spring in every way will be a patch of lemony sunshine right in your own home. Using my great grandfather’s Scottish shortbread recipe – oh, didn’t you know I have Scotch roots? – spruced up with a little lemon zest brings out the amazing light flavor of the lemon marshmallow filling within.   Cover in some white chocolate and maybe a rose petal or two (or don’t) and you’re good to go! 


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White Chocolate Coated Sandwich Cookies
  • 8-12 oz. white chocolate I prefer Baker's brand
  1. When cutting out cookies, use a 1" cookie cutter instead of 2" and omit decorating sugar.
  2. Once Cookies have been filled, allow to firm for a couple of hours before proceeding.
  3. In a microwave safe bowl or in a small saucepan over low heat, melt chocolate. Stir at 30 second intervals keeping a close eye to make sure it doesn't overcook and harden.
  4. Dip cookies in chocolate (I like to use a fork) and allow excess chocolate to drain before placing on cookie sheet, parchment or wax paper.
  5. Chill until chocolate is hardened.





  1. Reply

    Jacquee | I Sugar Coat It!

    April 24, 2015
    Oh my word, these look scrumptious!!
    • Reply


      April 24, 2015
      Thanks so much! :)
  2. Reply

    Elizabeth @ SugarHero.com

    May 6, 2015
    Lexi, these sound so amazing! I love the flower petals too. I am so making these as a spring dessert this month! xo
    • Reply


      May 6, 2015
      Thanks, Elizabeth - the inspiration for the flower petals came from your gorgeous tart! Hope you enjoy! :)
  3. Reply

    Amy Bishop

    August 9, 2015
    Wonderful recipe. I found it through a google search... I was craving something marshmallow-y with a lemon flavor. I love tartness and even threw in some lemon extract into the shortbread and filling for an extra punch. Pairs well with a cup of Bigelow lemon ginger tea!
    • Reply


      August 10, 2015
      Oh, great! Thanks for commenting, I'm so glad you liked them! :)


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