A little last minute Halloween Dessert (Dirt Pie)

Hello there and a very Happy Halloween to all! I have a busy day ahead of me (most of it doesn’t even involve the holiday other than doing some last minute pumpkin carving, lol) so I am going to keep this post short and to the point.



I know there are probably a few of us out there that either put off making a special dessert, were far too busy to even think about it, or just didn’t even know what to make. For those of you who fit these descriptions, I have good news: today I am sharing with you probably the most perfect last minute dessert you are going to find! It’s quick, easy, fun, and super tasty, it’s Dirt Pie.


I know dirt (the dessert that consists of pudding, crushed Oreos, and Cool Whip) is rather unoriginal and you have probably seen quite of a few of those recipes already, so I thought putting it into a pie shell might add a little something extra and with no fuss! There may already be an recipe like this out there on the web, but I had an unused pie crust sitting around so that is what partially gave me the idea.

This is a great dessert to make in the morning or even an hour before rushing out the door for parties, trick or treating, etc. – you decide!


The lowdown: A light pudding-like filling filled with Oreos and Cool Whip then thrown into a chocolate pie crust, topped with a pile of crushed Oreos and gummy snacks. Perfect for the last minute or not so last minute of us out there!

NOTE: As you can see in the picture of the slice it’s a bit messy looking and doesn’t look like a regular slice of pie. If you dob’t like the idea of making a pie that doesn’t serve perfect slices than this might not be a good recipe for you. But honestly, it’s easy to serve and so good, that I don’t think anyone will mind – especially the kiddos! 

Halloween Dirt Pie
  • 1 9 inch. chocolate (or Oreo) pie shell
  • 1 3.9 oz package instant chocolate pudding
  • 2 C. milk
  • 1 package Oreos I used the Halloween ones
  • 1 8 oz tub whipped topping (such as Cool Whip)
Topping1 package Oreos
  • gummy worms
  1. Place the Oreos in a lrage zip top bag. Using a rolling pin or meat tenderizer, crush into pieces of desired size (I like my filling with larger chunks). Set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk together pudding mix and milk. Allow to sit for 5 minutes to thicken.
  3. Add in whipped topping and crushed Oreos.
  4. Spoon filling into pie shell.
  5. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
  6. Before serving, crush second package of Oreos into really fine crumbs (this can be done earlier and set aside).
  7. Top pie with crushed Oreos and gummy worms or any other fun topping!



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    October 31, 2014
    Ahhh this is so cute and of course decadent!! Perfect for today. Happy Halloween!
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      October 31, 2014
      Thanks Zainab!! :)
  2. Reply


    November 4, 2014
    So fun!
    • Reply


      November 5, 2014
      Thanks for visiting - it's nice to have fun and easy at the same time! :)
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    Elizabeth @ SugarHero.com

    November 8, 2014
    Fast and cute holiday dessert? I'm so in! PS I'm pretty sure I have that same orange napkin, haha. Always fun to see a prop twin!
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      November 8, 2014
      Ha! Great/creative minds think alike, right? :)
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    November 10, 2014
    Very cute! My brothers would love it.
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      November 10, 2014
      Thanks Tori! :)


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