What do you do on the opening day of baseball?


You have a party, of course!

Yes, my entire family and I are big baseball fans… so you can only imagine the excitement that comes with opening day. Of course, one would much rather be at the game, but hey, having a party is fun too and you get better quality food, in my opinion.

The fact that these are red, white, and blue is just merely a coincidence - we weren't trying to match the rangers colors - really!

The fact that these are red, white, and blue is just merely a coincidence – we weren’t trying to match the Rangers colors – really!

 During the baseball season, we try to make as many games as possible. And going to a game inevitably means that you are going to get food as well. Up until last year, our ballpark (Globe Life Park in Arlington – go Rangers!!) didn’t have much to offer in the way of food other than your normal ballpark fare and a few special dishes. Last year however, the ballpark got some renovations and with them came some food upgrades! ( give me a break, for a foodie this aspect is almost as important as the game ;) ) One of the upgrades being the most amazing bucket of chips I have ever had! These came from a concession called The Chipper (here is a link – it’s photo #12 – so you get the general idea. Unfortunately they do not look nearly as good in the pictures as they do in person, so if you are wondering why I think these appetizing, I can’t blame you – just trust me though). What The Chipper has to offer is a bucket of fresh fried kettle chips with various toppings and meats. One of the ones we like to get is topped with queso blanco, brisket, pico di gallo, and sour cream. It really isn’t one of those disgusting dishes, it’s just loaded! And, it’s the best deal you are going to get for $11 at a ballpark as the bucket is huge, the chips rich, and easily shared between a party of six. Anyway, now that  you have an idea of one of the dishes, I can get on with the rest of the party!


For a baseball party you need baseball fare, right? Right. So for our little celebration, we made our own version of Chippers using 3 varieties of  of chips, a homemade white queso, sour cream, pico, and brisket. We also deviated a little from the ballpark fare and had – remember that luscious chocolate peanut butter cake? – chocolate peanut butter cupcakes! We also had freshly squeezed raspberry lemonade, but it was ruined by my forgetting to add in the sugar – bitter lemon juice anyone?


Despite the Texas Rangers losing to the Philadelphia Phillies on Monday for opening day, it was still fun and the food superb! So take note: next year, if you too are at home for the opening day/night of baseball, I would highly recommend a baseball watching/listening party for sure! Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, it’s an excuse to have a party right?

If you are interested in making these chips as well, here is how:

Copycat Chippers Chips

Kettle or tortilla chips of your choice -we used Kettle brand Salt and Pepper, Terra Potpourri chips, and blue corn tortilla chips

Regular or white queso without sausage – I highly recommend this recipe

Meat of your choice: chicken, brisket, taco meat work well

Pico di gallo

Sour cream


Place desired amount of chips in individual bowls and top with any of the above toppings – enjoy!



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